Just painted a picture of the king, Elvis, my all-time hero; it’s the second portrait in what will eventually be a triptych. To see the rest of my paintings, plus half a dozen new ones, click on the ‘painting’ tab at the top of this site. Love to know what you think.




The Tara Bones

Those of you on Kindle might like to know that ‘THE TARA BONES’, KT McCaffrey’s 8th Emma Boylan book  is now available as an e-book. They offer the first 3 chapters for free if you’d like to get a flavour of  what’s on offer.

Click link below for details concerning The Tara Bones – Kindle link on Amazon








I would like to thank all of you who turned up to view my paintings in the Toradh Gallery ( 22nd Jan – 21 Feb 2013). Truthfully, I was overwhelmed by the huge turnout and the positive response given to my artwork. A special thanks to the Arts Office at the Meath County Council for organising the exhibition and ensuring that every aspect of the show went without a hitch. To those who purchased paintings I am most grateful. It is indeed flattering to know that in these days of austerity people are willing to pay good money to own a piece of work created by yours truly. Most uplifting. All in all, the event has encouraged me to work even harder in preparing works for my next exhibition. Watch this space. So, until then, thanks to all of you for making this exhibition such a success and for making this hard working artist the happiest man on the planet.

KT (25th Feb 2013)

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KT McCaffrey

After a number of young women go missing, investigative journalist Emma Boylan explores the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. When one of the articles, focusing on the release of a sex offender, is published, it incites a vigilante-style protest in his neighbourhood.

Accused of irresponsible journalism and condemned by the forces of law and order, Emma is undeterred and unearths some terrifying secrets, discoveries that expose her to a fate similar to those she seeks to investigate.

Art Exhibition

I’m taking time out between books to put together a collection of paintings for an exhibition, Imagedetails as following:

TORADH GALLERY, Ashbourne Cultural Centre, Killegland Street, Ashbourne Co Meath

From Tuesday 22nd January until February 21st.

Opening Hours:

Monday 2.00pm – 5.00pm

Tuesday 10.00am – 8,30pm

Wednesday 10.00am – 5.00pm

Thursday 10.00am – 8.30pm

Friday 10.30am – 5.00pm

Saturday 10am – 5.00pm

I’m looking forward to meeting all my friends there and having a chat.

KT McCaffrey

The eagerly awaited follow-up to ‘The Cat Trap’ and ‘No Curtain Call’ has finally arrived. THE TARA BONES, the 8th crime fiction novel featuring Emma Boylan comes out July 2012, published by Robert Hale London.

The Plot. Over the past two decades several young women from the Leinster area have gone missing, the circumstances mysterious.

One of the biggest police investigations ever mounted in the state has failed to locate any of the women.

The Tara Bones holds up a mirror to the real-life scenario described above.

When a number of young women go missing, investigative  journalist Emma Boylan is given an assignment to delve into their backgrounds and explore the circumstances surrounding their disappearances. An article written by her focuses on the release of a sex offender into the community and unintentionally incites a vigilante-style protest in his neighbourhood.

Emma is accused of irresponsible journalism and roundly condemned by the forces of law and order. Undeterred, and with single minded determination, she unearths a series of terrifying findings, discoveries that in turn expose her to a fate similar to those she seeks to investigate.

In THE TARA BONES, readers are offered an insight into the lives of the victims and those shadowy characters hovering menacingly in the background. The reader is taken on a voyage of unexpected twists and turns, exposed to the abuse meted out to the ‘missing women’ until finally, in a startling nail biting denouement, the mystery is resolved.

Along the way, the plot involves itself with, among other things:

The abuse of children in state-run institutions.

The reparation commission set up to compensate victims.

The release of sex offenders into the community, and

The controversy surrounding the Tara bypass.


Available from 31st July, it can be ordered from




Forgive me if I include a little praise received for previous books

‘Excellent … KT McCaffrey maintains the suspense throughout, and casts a cold eye on the gloss of modern Ireland.’ Irish Independent

‘A welcome addition to the ranks of superior crime writers.’ The Observer

‘Absolutely fantastic … I had never heard of KT McCaffrey before but I am now a definite fan of both him and his brilliant writing.’  Verbal Magazine

‘A well plotted book with strong momentum and an engaging heroine.’  Daily Telegraph

‘A really good read, this thriller gripped my attention from page one and held it till the end … The pace is fast and the tension is constant throughout.’  Books Ireland

‘KT McCaffrey writes like a dream: Elegant and witty, but with a heart of coldest steel.’ Ken Bruen

  This picture shows yours truly in front of my latest painting, a work based on a detail from Harry Clarke’s (1889-1931) stained glass work, ‘The Meeting’. I’ve concentrated on the mermaid image and attempted to represent it in oils on canvas while retaining the rich and vibrant colours so much a part of Clarke’s original stained glass rendition. The painting forms part of my ongoing homage to Clarke, a self-imposed project that I’ve been engaged in for the past decade – when I’m not busy with my crime  fiction writing.

My interest in the works of Harry Clarke began when I attended the National College of Art and Design, the same school of art where Clarke attended as a student and later as a teacher, known in his time as the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art.

It never ceases to amaze me how historians, for the most part, overlook Clarke when recording Ireland’s twentieth-century cultural renaissance, content instead to focus on the country’s literary exponents. Because of the nature of stained glass, it is less accessible to the general public, something that might help explain his relative low profile. For my part I am determined, in my own small way, to promote an interest and awareness of the great man’s work by revisiting his works and interpreting them in oils.

(click on picture to enlarge painting.)

KT McCaffrey